At the end of 2015, the photovoltaic power reached 3,200 MWc in Belgium, that is to say 285 WC per capita.
On the basis of official’s firsts figures of 2015, the Belgian photovoltaic market knew a low level of activity with only 53 MWc installed by the placement of 7,200 units. The small installations (<10 kWc) account for 70% of this installed capacity in 2015. The market is clearly below its capacities of installation. In 2011, record year, more than 1,000 MWc was installed.
The Belgian photovoltaic park reaches a cumulated installed capacity of 3,200 MWc. That represents a surface of panels of about 23.5 km², the equivalent of the surface of the commune of Flobecq or 3,250 soccer fields.
In Belgium, the photovoltaic average rate of installation is of 285 Wc per capita (11.2 million inhabitants).
Source: APERE