Walloon industry: competences which may be valorised in the value chain of the wind energy sector

Despite it’s small size, the Walloon Region has a significant number of actors with a know-how in the wind energy sector.
Within the framework of the mapping, almost 80 actors, with skills in the wind energy value chain, have expressed their interest in this sector. Besides, some Walloon companies are already well-known suppliers nearby wind turbine assemblers while others are more well-known on the level of the installation of wind farms.
Let us note that this know-how rests primarily on the skills resulting from historical industrial sector of Wallonia. Various sectors therefore have a recognized expertise since many years, such as:

  • aeronautics and composites materials;
  • logistics;
  • design/simulation assisted by computer;
  • connection to the network and the electronic of power);
  • maintenance;
  • steel industry and the precision mechanics.