Digital solutions and expert services to maximize the performance of renewable energy assets

3E is a consulting firm that was founded in 1999 in Brussels. 3E is completely independent of any interest group, producer, or distributor of energy or equipment. We provide software development and advisory services in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Wallonia, Flanders, and all over the world.

We have a multidisciplinary team of around 100 employees with cutting edge expertise in the fields of wind energy; solar energy; renewable heat networks; the creation of profitable renewable energy operations; and zero-energy design for buildings, neighborhoods, and urban sites.

Our "consultancy" and "product development" divisions are supported by a Research & Development Unit and provide optimized energy, economic, and environmental solutions to a diverse clientele that includes developers and property managers, product manufacturers, scientific and technical organizations, research centers, financial institutions, public administrations, and non-profit organizations.

3E has projects in more than 30 countries, with headquarters in Brussels and offices in Louvain-La-Neuve, Gand, Toulouse, Beijing, Istanbul, and Cape Town. 3E is certified ISO 9001, has IPMVP accreditation, and is a licensed BREEAM International assessor, Certified European Passive House Designer, EPB advisor, etc.

3E has developed first-rate expertise in the following areas:

  • Feasibility and dimensioning studies for solar thermal heating systems
  • Feasibility and dimensioning studies for green heating networks
  • Feasibility and dimensioning studies for heat pumps (air-air, water-water, ground-water, etc.)
  • Analysis of the potential production and use of green heat at a regional, town, industrial, or urban scale
  • Recovery of waste heat
  • Energy distribution through heating or cooling networks

Our studies generally compare several scenarios according to different objectives, which we use to establish heat demand profiles. We conduct technical and financial comparative analyses of these scenarios - for sites and buildings - based on the initial investment, overall present costs, avoided CO2 emissions, and primary energy consumption. This allows us to identify the type of green heat production that will best meet our client's needs. We then conduct financial and technical analyses of the different options that are selected.


  • Feasibility study and construction monitoring of a 600m2 solar heating system for the Cité de l'Espoir in Andrimont, combined with the technical review of a cogeneration plant using rapeseed oil (2010).
  • Feasibility study and construction monitoring of a 545m2 solar heating system for social housing in Droixhe (2012).
  • Feasibility study for green energy production concepts for a sustainable neighborhood in Ypres (site and building scale), for the Western Flanders Inter-municipality (2001).
  • Technological and economic study of a co/trigeneration plant with a heat/cool network at the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels (2008).
  • The European REGEOCITIES project: Analysis of non-technical barriers to the development of shallow geothermal energy for SPW (2012-2015).


Project Value Chain :

  • Wind assessment, (also with Lidar)
  • Environmental Impact analysis, site analysis.
  • Project leading, Second opinion Project
  • Performance analyses, technical check-up
  • Power Output short-term estimation


  • Feasibility study on off-shore grids (technical & economic), particularly in the North Sea (“Energy [R]evolution “study for Greenpeace, « OffshoreGrid » study financed by the IEE, « Trade wind » study for the European Commission).
  • Wind assessment, wind cartography in Rwanda for the Belgian Development Agency. -Power Output analysis, project leading with financial setting-up and grid simulation for several project near the Black Sea (40MW in Romania, 150-200 MW in Ukraine and Moldavia).
  • Technical Second opinion on wind projects for « Caisse de dépôts et des consignations française »
  • Project leading, file preparation for permit, environmental and impact analysis in industrial zone in Antwerp.


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