A global market leader in energy and automation technologies. ABB supports public utility companies, industrial clients and end-users improve their services and streamline their energy consumption in order to reduce their carbon footprint


ABB has the full portfolio of products, systems and services to further im- prove and develop the electrical system in Utilities and Industries. Wide-area control systems, Flexible AC Transmission Systems, Network and Substation Control Systems, HVDC systems, HV material, Transformers, cable connections, distribution control and low-voltage systems addressed to grid. Motors and Drive systems, Converters for Solar applications, Fast Charging stations for electric vehicles and process control technologies help to increase the ef ciency in industrial and commercial applications. 

Some references

  • ABB is a major supplier for AC and HVDC technologies for connecting wind offshore parks on onshore.
  • We have different solar plants in service.
  • We supplied different FACTS to improve power transfer.
  • We have Electrical Energy Storage systems in service.


Asea Brown Boveri Plc.

Enterprise number : 0406291923
Authorized capital : 13.290.000 €


ABB Zaventem

Hoge Wei 27
1930 Zaventem
Phone : +32 2 718 63 11

ABB Charleroi

Allée Centrale - Zoning de Jumet 10
6040 Charleroi


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