Applied Microbiology - Bioengineering Unit - UCLouvain

Bioconversion: • Production of bacterial, fungal, algal, animal cell biomass & metabolites in bioreactors • Enzymatic and biological processing of biomass, biowastes and wastewater; Biomethanation • Biotransformation of biomass into biofuels and molecules of industrial interest (biorefining)


• Biological breakdown of resistant, toxic organic substances or mixed pollutants (organochlorine, industrialdyes, nitro-aromatic compounds, endocrine disruptors)

• Purification, recycling and valorization of industrial and urban wastewater

• Processing of biowastes ; Bioremediation of contaminated soils and wastes; Biodegradation of recalcitrant, persistant pollutants

• Recovery, treatment and use of biogas Bioprocess engineering:

• Design of bioreactors and bioprocesses

Equipment :

• Axenic (sterile) and environmental, aerobic and anaerobic, bioreactors (0,5 - 2400 L)

• Temperature controlled rooms with safety ventilation against toxic or flamable gases accumulation

• Pilot hall

• Laboratory to handle biomass & environmental samples

• Chemical analyses of complex environmental matrices (chromatographies HPLC, GC, spectrometry,...)

Service proposal :

• Investigation, design and monitoring of bio-processes for industrial molecules degradation or bioconversion

• Biodegradation/bioconversion investigations

• Bioenergy from micro-algae

• Process for the decentralised conversion of agricultural and residual herbaceous biomass to bioethanol: optimization of the choice of biomass and of conversion efficiencies

• Development of an integrated conversion route to produce 2d generation biofuels from lignocellulosic biomass.

• Improved process for anaerobic digestion of biomass with acidifying fermentation profile;


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Applied Microbiology - Bioengineering Unit - UCL OLLN

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