ARCEO Engineering


ARCEO Engineering is an industrial SME specialized in coil coatings.

Skills, services and / or products
Our range of products includes Solarceo, which is used to produce thermal solar panels. Solarceo is a selective solar absorber (95% absorption of sunlight and just 5% infrared heat loss).ARCEO Engineering produced more than 100,000 m2 of copper and aluminum absorbers in 2013.Solarceo is available in coils or sheets.
ReferencesSolarceo selective coating is used by a number of European, Turkish, and Chinese solar thermal panel manufacturers, which market the product under their own brand label.


ARCEO Engineering Plc.

Enterprise number : 0894304267
Authorized capital : 15.413.052 €


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Boulevard d'Avroy 38
4000 Liège
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Laure Anne Gerardy
Téléphone : +32 4 236 96 08