Association pour la Géothermie Profonde (AGEOP)


Since 2009, AGEOP (Association for Deep Geothermal Energy) has been working to develop this form of renewable energy in Wallonia. We view deep geothermal energy as one of the best way of reaching greenhouse gas reduction objectives.

AGEOP’s mission is to encourage the development of deep geothermal energy in Wallonia, to mobilize stakeholders around deep geothermal energy, to lobby policy makers, and to stimulate the creation of industrial sectors for drilling and energy production technologies (turbines, generators, etc.)   

Skills, services and / or products AGEOP was founded in 2009 with a mission to promote the use of deep geothermal energy electricity and hot water production. To this end, AGEOP:
  • Represents the sector when lobbying policy-makers to maximize the use of this renewable energy resource.
  • Follows regulation and economic contingencies related to deep geothermal exploration. 
  • Contributes to the establishment of a legal framework and incentives in Belgium, and Wallonia in particular.
  • Encourages research on geothermal applications and very deep geology (2,000 meters and more)
  • Facilitates public access to the results of this research
  • Stimulates the creation of industrial sectors for drilling and energy production.
  • Coordinates relationships between stakeholders in the renewable energy production sector, universities, research organizations, companies, federations, non-profit organizations, etc. 
  • Represents and defends the interests of its members to public authorities.
  • Collaborates with other European organizations that promote deep geothermal energy (e.g. EGEC), with environmental protection organizations, and professional associations of renewable energy producers.


Association pour la Géothermie Profonde NPO

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