ATM-Pro specialized in environmental software, impact studies and long-term and short-term environmental impact assessment

Since 1995, ATM-PRO develops and uses, within user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, advanced meteorological and pollutant dispersion models. These sophisticated tools enable to better understand the behaviour of the atmosphere of which depends the dispersion. In particular, the SEVEX and MAESTRO Tools/Software are specialized tools designed to assess the consequences and dangers resulting from a major chemical accident or for long term/chronic impact studies, respectively.

In the framework of the wind potential mapping over a given area, ATM-PRO proposes to use its MAESTROW software (i.e. the « WIND » module of MAESTRO).

Based on the meteorological analysis, the various zones where an wind turbine implementation is possible are determined.

These zones are represented on maps showing:

  • windturbine energy production by unit of time
  • number of cut off hours of the system and
  • best wind turbine model to implement


Atmospheric Transport Modelling for professionnal applications

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