Aero-thermo-mechanics department - ULB (ATM)

Research interests • Turbulent/chemistry interactions in turbulent combustion and reduced-order combustion models. • Non-conventional fuels (H2-enriched fuels, syngas and biogas) and pollutant formation in combustion systems.

• Novel combustion technologies such as flameless and oxy-fuel.

• Numerical simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flows.

• Verification, validation and uncertainty quantification in computational fluid dynamics.

• Investigation/development of novel combustion technologies for the efficient valorisation of biomass generated fuels (biogas, syngas) and low-calorific value fuels from biomass conversion/degragation processes.

• Investigation/development of micro combined heat and power (CHP) units exploiting biomas derived fuels.

• A. Parente, C. Galletti, J. Riccardi, M. Schiavetti and L. Tognotti, Experimental and numerical investigation of a micro-CHP flameless unit, Applied Energy 89 (2011) 203-214.

• A. Parente, C. Galletti and L. Tognotti, Effect of the combustion model and kinetic mechanism on the MILD combustion in an industrial burner fed with hydrogen enriched fuels, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 33 (2008) 7553-7564. 


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