BESOL is an R&D firm that has taken over all the R&D projects for ESE-groupe ATRYA France. It boasts engineering and technical expertise in the field of renewable energy, primarily solar energy (thermal and PV).

Our main personnel: 
  • G. Descy, civil engineer, Polytech-ULB
  • M. Beeckmans, civil engineer, Polytech-ULB
  • C. Heusquin, civil engineer, Polytech-ULB
  • J. Bougard, Professor Emeritus at UMONS & ULB

We actively collaborate with:
  • UMONS: Professor Marc Frere, Professor Véronique Feldheim
  • Uliège: BEMS (Building Energy Monitoring and Simulation), Arlon: Lecturer P. Andre
  • ULB: Professor Marc Degrez, Pierre D'Ans
  • CRM: Richard Kergen
  • Matetria-Nova & Certech

Skills, services and / or products
  • Experts in the field of solar energy, with more than 35 years of technical and economic experience in studies/design/production/installation
  • Thorough knowledge of European market players and trends 
  • Expertise in energy storage technologies
  • European R&D project coordinator (FP7-Sotherco)
  • A European project partner for more than 20 years

  • Chevetogne solaire 1979
  • Participation in solar heating projects and heat storage in Sweden (1986-1992) and in Germany (1995-2000)
  • A large number of solar plants in Belgium and France (2000-2011)
  • Originator of the GSR system (Guarantee of Solar Results initially studied as part of a European project in early 1990 with European partners Tecol (France), IST (Germany), etc.) with remote performance monitoring and a contract guaranteeing an annual energy supply.


Bureaux d'études solaires

Enterprise number : 0471946570
Authorized capital : 18.592 €



Place Théo Lannoy 4
5580 Rochefort


Contact par défaut
Gilbert-Gaëtan Descy
Téléphone : +32 84 38 88 63