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At the heart of the energy transition, the Spin-Out CE + T Energrid specializes in the development, the manufacturing and the commercialization of electrical energy management and storage equipment in all its forms.

It benefits from the experience and technology of CE + T Power, the modular conversion of electric current. From AC to DC, from DC to AC and from DC to DC.

CE + T Energrid's products meet the new energy needs of the network (before the user's meter) or industrial users (after the meter) and the growing energy transformation needs related to the new challenges of the energy transition. They also address energy management and storage for private or industrial users.

Housed in its parent company CE + T Power in Wandre, CE + T Energrid benefits from its complete support in all departments: from R&D to sales through for example finance, manufacturing and logistics ...

Products & Services

CE + T Energrid naturally positions itself given its competences as the (or one of) partner (s) for the study and the deployment of the activities of the project related to the storage and the quality of the electrical energy.

For example, we think:

1. Storage of renewable electricity produced in order to: 

  • a. Maximize self-consumption
  • b. Maximize self-sufficiency
  • c. Relocate or centralize storage;
  • d. Control consumption peaks (and their influence on the bill);
  • e. Secure the power supply of sensitive equipment;
  • f. Provide power in case of network losses (blackout);
  • g. Provide frequency resilience services to network operators;
  • h. Use recycled or second-hand batteries.

2. The quality of the electrical energy available on the site by:

  • a. Controlling the power factor;
  • b. Filtering the harmonics.

3. To the utility of an internal DC distribution network allowing to:

  • a. Collect the energy of the PVs without transformation;
  • b. Reduce the number of DC / AC and AC / DC transformations;
  • c. Power charging terminals;
  • d. Provide DC to users (lights, surveillance cameras, PCs, ...);
  • e. Install intelligent DC street lighting.


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