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CENERGIE offers a full range of consulting services for energy-efficient design, engineering, and management, whether sustainable, passive, neutral, or energy producing for the construction, renovation, and/or management of buildings throughout their entire lifecycle.

Our solutions provide a sustainable balance between energy efficiency, comfort, cost, and management of projects and buildings in the built environment and working environment. We consult, design, and supervise work; we monitor energy yields and comfort levels; and we perform audits and certify new and existing buildings. As a result we are able to provide added value to our customers, employees, and stakeholders in both economic and social/ecological terms.

Knowledge & Skills

To that end, CENERGIE has developed a continuous service improvement protocol with the following steps:

- Measurements/audit

A building's energy performances are evaluated using specialized equipment (temporary or continuous recording)

- Analysis

The results are presented in graph form and analyzed by our experts.

- Benchmarking

The results are compared to the energy performance of a standard building.

-Ranking of improvement measures

CENERGIE ranks a variety of potential improvement measures according to the urgency and/or time for Return On Investment.

-Coordination of the implementation of improvement measures.

CENERGIE helps building managers select and choose the provider that will put in place the defined improvement measures.

-Measurements and verification of the implementation.

The measures that are implemented are immediately verified in order to ensure they work well.



Cenergie CVBA

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Cenergie cvba

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