Coretec Engineering


CORETEC, engineering company specialized in the field of energy, positions itself as an integrator responsible of case studies, installation, optimization and supervision of reliable and efficient solutions.

Coretec's mission is to reduce our clients' energy bills. We do this in two ways: with Coretec Invoicing, which optimizes your energy purchases and contracts (gas, electricity); and with Coretec Engineering, which combines the functions of an engineering research firm, contractor, and maintenance provider for high-performance energy generation (cogeneration, photovoltaic, biomass, etc.) and energy recovery solutions.

Coretec joins your team at the very beginning of the project and determines the best solution to generate electricity, heating, and cooling. We have worked on natural gas or biomass cogeneration plants such as ENERWOOD, a biomass plant with a steam turbine located in the Plenesses industrial zone, whose final users are the companies located in the business park. Other examples of our work include CRISTAL PARK and ECOWOODZ, two SmartGrid projects located on the Meuse River that are based on the notion of "shared services" and smart management of the production-consumption cycle.

Our expertise covers the following 3 fields:

• Rational Energy Use. 

• Recovery of unused energy. 

• High-performance energy generation (cogeneration, biomass, photovoltaic, etc.)

Knowledge and skills

• Study, 

• project management, 

• installation, 

• maintenance. 

• research and development. 

• propositions of financing solutions with third party investor.

• Heating and biomass boiler 150 kW ASBL Clos du Chemin Vert à Chimay. 

• Heating and biomass boiler 220 kW for Commune de Attert, 

• Heating and biomass boiler 400 kW for la Croix Rouge de Rendeux 


Coretec Engineering Plc.

Enterprise number : 0866307988
Authorized capital : 184.200 €


Coretec Engineering Liège

Rue des Gardes-Frontière 1
4031 Liège
Phone : +32 4 365 70 25
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Contact par défaut
Téléphone : +32 4 239 78 87
Contact par défaut
Sébastien Ryhon
Téléphone : +32 4 365 70 25