Dauvister SA installs heating and energy production systems to enable SMEs, local authorities, and individuals to reduce their energy consumption. Specialized technicians visit the client to suggest the right choice for a sustainable solution that offers the best return on investment.

Dauvister SA conducts studies, dimensioning, installation, and maintenance of renewable heat production systems. The company works mainly with geothermal heat systems for individual clients and SMEs, as well as the thermal solar market. Our 40 technicians are specialized in renewable heating technologies and have expertise in a wide range of technologies.


In 2010, Dauvister installed a 432 m2 array of solar thermal collectors in the Cité de l'Espoir in Andrimont (Verviers). As a result, a center with 310 disabled residents was able to heat 31,000 liters of hot water at 60°C every day. The collectors were connected to 5 hot water storage tanks of 5,000 liters each, and all the hot water pipes were insulated. This project is still the largest solar thermal project in Benelux. Dauvister is also responsible for maintaining the system. Each year we install more than 100 heat pumps.


Dauvister SA is an official partner of Fronius and Danfoss (inverters).

600 private installations per year, 7 MW in industrial installations in all parts of Wallonia and Brussels. In particular, 80 installations for the Société Wallonne du Logement (Walloon Housing Corporation). Solar thermal installation for Cité de L'Espoir (Verviers).



Enterprise number : 0888476547
Authorized capital : 2.350.600 €



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Dauvister Wavre

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Yves Warnant
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