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DE SMET ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS is an engineering and construction entity dedicated to projects, extending its expertise not only to the process itself but also to process auxiliaries, site construction activities and project management.

DSEC is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) dedicated to the industrial and municipal sectors.

DSEC is very active in the agro-food industries, namely oils & fats and sugar industries and is now focussing  on the supply of units and services:  

• to produce biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol) first and second generation from biomass 

• to produce power (steam & electricity) from biomass & wastes (3) for cogeneration.

DE SMET ENGINEERS & CONTRACTORS is not only equipment supplier, but also plant supplier and contract manager. It has developed the Full Responsibility Concept, based on a comprehensive range of multi-disciplinary resources.

• In the supply of units to produce biofuels, DSEC has delivered severalplants based on first generation technologies to convert biomass into biodiesel and bioethanol. It is now proposing plants based on second generation technologies to  produce bioethanol.

• In the supply of units to produce power from biomass and wastes, DSEC has delivered plants based on gasification and combustion of syngas to produce steam and/or electricity.

The processes delivered are efficient and reliable based over 100 references in this field. Yields are generally over 90%.

References in Europe are

• Alco Biofuel in Ghent (Belgium) production of bioethanol

• Biowanze bioethanol plant in Wanze (Belgium)

• Dutch Biodiesel in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

• Ineos in Verdun (France) production of biodiesel

• Saipol in Lezoux and Bordeaux (France) production of process steam from biomass

• Cristanol in Bazancourt (France) production of process steam from biomass 



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