ELIOSYS’ main mission is to test product response to climatic and environmental constraints. In 2009, Julien Thiry launched ELIOSYS with none other than MeuseInvest as his financial partner.

In 2010, ELIOSYS became a BELAC (Belgian Minister of Economics)-accredited laboratory (id: 432-Test) to test products in the field of renewable energy, starting with photovoltaic modules. This elevated the lab to the ranks of major labs such as TÜV or SGS. Since then, ELIOSYS has tested, inspected, and certified PV modules by providing our own quality (ElioQual) and certification (ElioCert) labels. 
In 2011, ELIOSYS began working with heat pumps and solar thermal converters at the behest of clients including the Walloon Region. Meanwhile, ELIOSYS' experience in PV solar converters has continued to grow, so that we now collaborate with Technifutur to offer training programs to improve the quality of PV plants through better understanding of PV modules and a commitment to good practices. ELIOSYS' testing capacities have continued to evolve thanks to improvements to our test benches, climatic chambers, and solar simulators, which allow us to provide new testing services for new products.Skills, services and / or productsELIOSYS' main focus is conducting laboratory tests that reproduce all the climatic and environmental constraints that a product must be subject to before and after it is put on the market. ELIOSYS is primarily specialized in tests for PV and solar thermal energy converters, but we can also determine the coefficient of performance of a geothermal heat pump.ELIOSYS is committed to testing products that use renewable energy (sun and heat), through the use of unique technologies and test benches that we have developed thanks to our engineering expertise.ReferencesELIOSYS is above all an accredited laboratory bound by client confidentiality. Only official references for product certifications may be consulted on our website.However, we did receive the financial support of the Walloon Region (WR) for our collaboration with ESS to develop a heat pump program with performance characterization. Above all, ELIOSYS is actively participating in several other research projects including FLEXIPAC (WR), COOLROOF (WR), and PV4FACADES (EU).


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