EneRa, smart energy components and projects, delivers storage solutions to balance intermittent electricity generation, the available grid and/or diesel generators and load. Our goal is to provide our customers with the lowest electricity cost per kWhr and a solution to overcome power black outs.

We offer consultancy and engineering services, installations, operations and maintenance services, depending on the customer’s requirements or wishes.

As we are independent from product brands, our customer benefits from objective and a range of state of the art products. The selected devices and software are combined and adapted to the customer’s profile so that the overall solution is the most performing in terms of result, quality and cost. 

Thanks to our flexible ‘Electricity Flow Management System’, we can monitor and control a multiple of battery and power electronics technologies on site. Loads and consumptions are measured and switched on or off depending on the possibilities and available electricity (demand side management). Our platform software allows companies to monitor and control their different sites. The system is efficient through the usage of predictive algorithms and machine learning. 

Focused on quality products & services, durable relationships with customers and suppliers, we give the best results and conditions the market has to offer on a wide range of renewable energy products. 

As the business of renewable energy is growing fast and new technologies and concepts are about to break through, it is important to be lean and adapt quickly. In order to make this a success, we combine our in depth technical knowledge with local market understanding and presence both in Western Europe as in developing countries. 



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