Energinvest, established in 2007, helps customers save energy "the right way", without increasing budgets or debt.

Energinvest is a strategic, financial and operational consultancy company, active in the energy services market, specialized in the design, implementation and financing of energy efficiency programs for public and private customers, applied to building retrofit or renewable energy production. 

We have a unique experience in creating and managing public or private Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and Third Party Financing Companies (TPFCOs). 

Energinvest manages turn key public EPC tenders "from strategy to follow-up". We design and control Measurement & Verification (M&V) plans. 

Energinvest has developed the innovative license based "smartEPC" methodology for tendering energy, maintenance, comfort and building value performance in public and private real estate. 

Our customers include public and private building owners, national and regional governments, cities and municipalities, provinces, public and private ESCOs, banks, energy agencies and ESCO associations. 

We currently operate the Fedesco Knowledgecenter and assure the Presidency and Secretariat of BELESCO.



Enterprise number : 0821794292



Rue Joseph Coosemans 107
1030 Schaerbeek


Contact par défaut
Lieven Vanstraelen