Actility is an aggregator of electrical flexibility.

Our ThingPark Energy platform today connects more than 10,000 sites and makes them contribute to the production / consumption balance on the network in real time. Actility today values ​​700 MW of flexible power from flexible consumers or producers (industry, tertiary), the equivalent of almost twice the smallest Belgian nuclear reactor!

This allows participants to financially value their actions and reduce their energy bill.

Skills, services or products

The ThingPark Energy platform is developed in response to the growing need for network flexibility related to the generation of energy from a variable renewable source (solar, wind).

ThingPark Energy is a complete solution using certified technology: the Actility box connects to flexible processes and enables consumption / production measurements, compliance with production constraints and fully secure remote control.

ThingPark Energy today integrates all types of industrial processes, tertiary sector and even residential. The particular constraints of the sites are taken into account to respect their operation and are integrated into the flexibility portfolio of Actility. Available flexibility is identified and valued on the network / markets.

Industrial processes, electricity producers or energy storage infrastructures can, via ThingPark Energy, contribute to the balance of the network either in exceptional cases (tertiary reserve, rare, when there is a large imbalance on the grid) or relatively often. (frequency support, etc.) according to their possibilities.


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