Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB)


The Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB), founded in 1896, is a department of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (IRSNB).

The GSB is a member of the European Geological Surveys network. As the repository for Belgian geological data and documents, the GSB grants government institutions, private companies, and the general public with access to this information. We have a Documentation Center and partner with projects related to Belgian geology. Different scientific fields are represented, such as cartography, sedimentology, stratigraphy, geophysics, and mineralogy. We are a key player in national and international research and development projects on the main challenges facing today's society (urban geology, climate change, mineral resources, geothermal energy, geological risks, geological heritage). Our research into geothermal energy also addresses CO2 storage and shale gas. Interest in geothermal energy in Belgium has grown in the past several years because of several deep geothermal projects and the increasing use of shallow geothermal systems (geothermal vertical loops, loop fields, horizontal systems). The GSB serves as a coordinator, partner, or consultant in a number of related projects.
Skills, services and / or products
  • The Geological Survey of Belgium provides access to a large range of products, including a wide variety of maps, as well as scientific and general public publications 
  • Expertise in cartography for geothermal potential (see projects described below)
  • Testing laboratory to analyze the thermal properties of rocks in dry and saturated conditions (thermal conductivity and diffusivity) using a TCS (Thermal Conductivity Scanner)
  • Mineralogical testing laboratory (Raman spectrometry, X-ray diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS and EBSD modules)
  • Preparation of samples (grinding, powders, sugars)

  • -European ThermoMap project: mapping of shallow geothermal potential (<10m). Project website:
  • Mapping platform:
  • "Wallonia's Geothermal Platform". Cartography of deep and medium-depth geothermal potential. Two maps of geothermal resource potential (with known areas, priority areas for exploration, and to be determined) were published on the Walloon Region's mapping portal. 
  • The BeTemper project to characterize the thermal properties of the main Belgian lithologies. This project will serve as the basis for the development of geothermal resource potential maps for closed and open geothermal systems of less than 200m.
  • The Smart Geotherm project working group
  • Scientific monitoring committee for deep geothermal projects in the Mons basin


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