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The FoRS research centre of school of Higher Education"Haute Ecole de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg" (HENALLUX) provides a wide range of Trainings, Applied research programs and community services.

The FoRS research centre is closely connected to the Master degree in Automation and Electromechanics Engineering, to the Master degree in Information Technology and to the Bachelor degrees in Automation, Electromechanics and Information Technology.The Energetic and thermodynamic Unit works on several thematic :

  • Integration of renewable energies
  • Analysis of the energy flow
  • Fault detection using advanced technologies
  • Thermal Energy Storage: The Advanced Technology Center of Pierrard Virton is equipped with a thermal energy storage equipment. The heat capacity of the subsoil and water balloons are used to temporarily store the energy, this is similar to a battery. The water storage tank for heating is effective but is not adapted to maintain the temperature in the baloons for a few days. So is combined to a heat storage pebble type system in the soil under the building. This concept is simple: use the thermal inertia of the basement to store excess heat.
Equipments: A school building of 1000 m3 whith 30 m2 thermal panels, three heat pumps( water-water ) connected to a network of ground absorption with ~ 5 km of piping under the building (16 loops) , two storage 2000 L of water. The building is heated by the ground via this system
*Thermo-2000: Modeling a new kind of heat-pump


FoRS (Formation, Recherche et Services à la société) is the research center of the school of Higher Education HENALLUX (Haute Ecole Namur-Liège-Luxembourg). In addition to HENALLUX’s traditional schooling, the three components of FoRS are:
1.    Lifelong learning,
2.    Applied Research,
3.    Development of services.
FoRS is involved in research projects and business development. While promoting scientific and technological research within HENALLUX, FoRS advises and/or assists individuals, companies or organizations requiring its services in R&D. In addition, FoRS also offers lifelong learning modules.
FoRS has expertise in disciplines related to industrial engineering, automation, computer science, information systems and technology, pedagogy... In terms of human resources, FoRS includes the researchers of the school of engineering of Pierrard-Virton and of the Technical Department of Marche (more than 20 engineers, graduates and phDs) who work as consultants or managers.
FoRS also benefits from the experience of the bachelor degree in electrical engineering, maintenance, automation and computers that can provide operational expertise.
FoRS has predominantly developed its expertise in disciplines such as:

 Knowledge & Skills
•    Automation, human-machine interfacing, and electronics
•    Robotics and mechatronics
•    Rational energy use
•    Life cycle Assesment (LCA), Eco-design and rapid prototyping
•    Heterogeneous networks and protection of transactions between servers and workstations (mobile or stationary)
•    Development of applications for portable systems (tablets, iPhones, etc.)
•    Deployment of software solutions integrated into heterogeneous platforms requiring high-availability infrastructure and quality services
•    Big data
•    Database hosting, secure access and communications

Project DGO4: ENERGRID (Convention No. 1550256 and 1550257). "Monitoring: control and management of consumption and production, in industry and buildings, including smart homes, smart cities"

Project LEADER: Natural Park of Gaume. "Gaume Energies, stimulate energy saving projects and renewable energies: support, alternative financing, optimization and storage".

Project DGO6: CESI POWER EXCHANGER (Convention No. 1720045). Technical support study concerning a "solar thermal and photovoltaic energy storage in a heat exchanger made of solid refractory material".

Project DGO6: Brewery of the Lesse (Convention n ° 1620002). Technical support study for the "design of a new energy monitoring process for a brewing procedure".

Project DGO6: CIEX-POWER (Convention n ° 1320139): Technical support study for the "modeling of a portable waterway for medium-sized watercourses".

Short term projects:
•    Feasibility study to formalize the power transmission and production part of a Power Plant (DNGgie).
•    Optimization of the defrosting on a heat pump heater (Thermo-2000).
•    Design and implementation of a solar tracking device (Greenelec SE Europe).
•    Energy management of buildings (Idevy)


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