JLA Hydro


JLA Hydro designs and manufactures hydropower equipment for powers between 1 and 500kW.

JLA turbines have an excellent reputation due to their robustness, reliability and simplicity, ensuring consistent performance over a wide range of flow rates.

As of today, our company has over a hundred installations spread over 5 continents.

An increasingly important part of our activity is dedicated to rural electrification projects, from design to realization.

Fully committed to customer satisfaction, JLA Hydro thrives today with solid experience in the field of hydropower. The company continues to develop its skills in order to enrich its offer of products and services.

Innovation is at the heart of the company's concerns, both in the development of new products and in the solutions for rural electrification.


JLA Hydro

Enterprise number : 0885372745


JLA Hydro

Saule-Marie 8
4570 Marchin

JLA Hydro

Rue Ernest Matagne 30
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Contact par défaut
Nicolas Parmentier
Téléphone : +32 83 68 91 19