Laborelec is a technical competence centre in electrical power and energy technology. Our research and operational assistance helps improve the reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of energy technologies in generation, transmission, distribution, storage and end-use.

R&D Center of GDF Suez Group.

Performance evaluation of new technologies:

  • Active technology watch for new PV and CPV technologies (pilot projects)
  • Study of each technology's generating capacity, and comparison between different technologies
  • Advanced modeling of module behavior
  • Development of 2 outdoor test beds for modules and photovoltaic systems:  a test bed for thin film modules and  a test bed for PV module characterization
  • Study of module aging under real conditions

Performance monitoring: 

  • Software with a client-accessible web interface and alarm function for anomaly detection 
  • Installation of instrumentation for module parameters, such as current and DC voltage measurements at  Maximum Power Point (MPP)

Support for the development of new projects and operational assistance:

  • Establish 'best practices' for the installation of large PV systems
  • Supply tools to monitor the performance of existing installations
  • Optimize performance by resolving operational problems (inverters, MPP, etc.)
  • Insertion of PV systems in electricity networks and measurement of their impact

    Certifications: VCA, ISO 9001, ISO 17025.


• Laborelec provides advice and operational support in every aspect of the power generation process.

• We help power plants and industries reduce their operation, maintenance and environmental costs while maximizing availability, reliability and reducing the total cost of ownership of their energy. Our experts assist in the design, acquisition, retrofitting, and lifetime extension of all types of equipment used in power plants.

• Our expertise covers the equipment and processes of a wide variety of sectors, ranging from energy-intensive industries to tertiary companies.

• Based on our biomass expertise, we assist business developers, power plant operators, and biomass procurement managers in optimally managing all aspects of biomass conversion to energy and in minimizing any undesirable effect. 

• We provide neutral advice and recommendations during each stage of development and operation, bringing together Laborelec’ chemists, combustion and material experts, and biomass experts. 

• Firstly, we help determine the best fuel mix for a power plant’s, industry’s specific operational environment, with extensive chemical and physical analyses carried out in our laboratory. It is fully compliant with the latest CEN standards for biomass analyses. 

• Laborelec is also very active in standardizing conditions for industrial wood pellet trading in Europe.

• Our experts carry out life cycle analyses on solid and liquid biomass, including chemical, physical, and ash analyses. 

• In addition, Laborelec has developed a certification procedure to assess solid biomass sustainability and ensure its traceability.

• We perform hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies integrating health and safety analyses. These cover fire and explosion risks, and also integrate ATEX regulations.

Laborelec helps power plants increase their co-firing rate up to a 100% biomass operation (European FP7 Debco Project, GDF Suez Awirs PP, GDF Suez Rodenhuize PP, GDF Suez Polaniec PP).

We support COFELY (BE/FR), CPCU (FR), industrial clients with combustion, fuels handling optimisation (grate boilers - CFB) and biomass ATEX studies.

We are actively researching the potential of various types of biofuels:

■Assessing the potential of micro-algae in energy generation and pollution remediation (EU INTERREG IVB EnAlgae Project).

■Optimizing the production and use of biogas for energy generation. (INTERREG IVa Optibiogaz Project)

■Comparing gasification techniques. (Biovive Project, supported by French National Research Agency (ANR)) 


Laborelec belongs to an industrial Group which is more a WT technology user than a developer. As support of that Group, Laborelec has built up strong & recognized expertise in the following domains: Condition Monitoring (oil, vibrations, generator, bearings, ...) ; Structural Vibrations ; Non Destructive Techniques ; Ice-detection; Anti-iceing systems ; Lightning protection & detection systems ; Wind forecasting ; Accurate performance assessment ; Performance monitoring ; Power Quality ; WT/Grid interaction... Facilities include high standard Laboratories such as Materials Technology Laboratories Chemical Laboratories and Electrical Technology Laboratories.

Certification: VCA; ISO9001 on several activities; ISO17025 on several activities ; EN473, Level 2&3 on several NDT.


Batteries Lab: Physical storage lab with cell and stack level testing. Evaluation of integrated solution (storage assets, Power electronics and Balance of Plant), including on-site first-in-kind project monitoring.


Laboratoire belge de l'Industrie Electrique

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