ENGIE Lab Laborelec is the Group's research and expertise center for electrical power technologies. Located near Brussels and active in more than 60 countries, it employs 240 highly qualified specialist technicians.

Its work covers every link in the electricity value chain, from generation and transmission to supply, storage and end-user applications, with particular focus on the energy transition and the 3Ds (Decentralization, Decarbonization and Digitalization).

This research work covers every centralized and decentralized form of electricity generation: fossil fuel, nuclear or renewable.

With its professional expertise and cutting-edge analytical and measurement skills, ENGIE Laborelec offers its clients (energy generators, power companies, industrial users, SMEs, cities, regions and even residential consumers) operational R&D projects and global, innovative, personalized solutions.

ENGIE Lab Laborelec structures its R&D work around three priorities:

  • reducing effects on the environment,
  • improving availability and maintenance,
  • energy systems of the future.


Laboratoire belge de l'Industrie Electrique

Enterprise number : 0400902582



Rue de Rhode 125
1630 Linkebeek


Contact par défaut
Michaël De Koster
Téléphone : +32 2 382 02 41
Contact par défaut
Sébastien Dubois
Téléphone : +32 4 247 11 24
Contact par défaut
Rafael Jahn
Téléphone : +32 2 382 05 42
Contact par défaut
Jean-Pierre Keustermans
Téléphone : +32 2 382 04 50
Contact par défaut
Chrystelle Verhoest
Téléphone : +32 2 382 07 85