Les Compagnons d'Eole


Promotion and exchange of information about renewable energies

Association of technicians interested in the development of renewable energies and storage, specifically H2 solutions in fixed positions, mobility H2 as well as CNG, bio-methanisation and methanation.


We promote renewable energy by providing our members with the opportunity to share information and experiences, by constructing self-build renewable energy equipment, and by conducting energy efficiency testing of products on the market. We also participate in educational projects.

We provide information, opportunities to share personal experiences, and assistance when necessary.

Knowledge & Skills

Studies and tests on smart networks and flexible sources of green electricity.

Technology watch; research and development of business solutions.


A number of our members are equipped with solar water heaters and/or heat pumps.


Les Compagnons d'Eole NPO

Enterprise number : 0464439364


Les Compagnons d'Eole

Rue des Noyers 12
1460 Ittre


Contact par défaut
Joseph Dejonghe
Téléphone : +32 87 85 08 85
Contact par défaut
Jospeh Fameree
Téléphone : +32 498 67 65 20