Microbial Ecology and Water Purification Laboratory - ULiège

Soils and (waste)waters microbiology studies (sanitary, element cycling), industrial microbiology: processes and products, organic Waste and (waste)water characterization and treatment, wastewater treatment technology

• Management, treatment and valorization of organic waste

• Biodegradability study of xenobiotics

• Biofilm studies

• Evaluation of bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal acivities of chemicals and natural products 

Training offer:

• Water and wastewater treatment

• Water and organic waste microbiology

• Industrial hygiene

Extraordinary engineering equipment:

• Microbiology Laboratory (L2 biosecurity) and equipment

• Equipment for (micro)biological, chemical and physico-chemical analysis of waters and organic wastes

• Equipment for microbial biomasses assessment by respirometry, ATPmetry and impedancemetry, 

• Biogas analysis equipment

• HPLC with DAD detector

• Optical microscopy equipment (with epifluorescence)


• Microbiological anf chemical characterization of organic wastes(urban and industrial sludges, composts, digestates)

• Biomethanogenesis potential test of organic wastes

• Waste and organic matter management by composting or biomethanization

• Study of xenobiotic substances biodegradability

• Testing of the methanogenesis potential of the organic fermentable fraction of household waste

• Microbiological characterization of dredging sludges 


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