Innovative international company developing data analysis and optimisation software solutions for the pharmaceutical and energy sectors to improve efficiency through process optimisation and resource utilisation.

N-SIDE is specialized in advanced analytics, combining management consulting with high-added value software development. N-SIDE works with clients to develop customized solutions to resolve their complex management problems and optimize their resource use while maximizing profits and minimizing risks. N-SIDE’s clients are among the biggest companies in their sectors in different types of industries including manufacturing (metallurgy, chemicals, etc.), pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and energy. N-SIDE currently has a strong presence in Europe, the United States, Russia, and Brazil.
Knowledge & Skills N-SIDE is a key partner for the development of solutions to optimize demand side management, micro-grids, and energy markets. N-SIDE's two main solutions in the energy sector are: 1) EUPHEMIA: N-SIDE was appointed by the European Power Exchanges to develop a common algorithm for different day-ahead markets in Europe. The purpose of this algorithm is to calculate prices and volumes in the spot market across Europe and to allocate cross-border capacity on a day-ahead basis in order to maximize global economic welfare. This coupling algorithm has been in place since 2010 and is used on a daily basis in 19 European countries with a daily average value for matched trades of 200 million euros. 2) ENERTOP is a solution to help companies fully leverage their flexibility in terms of both consumption and self-generation of electricity. ENERTOP optimizes production schedules and energy supply strategies by recommending the most cost-effective moments for energy consumption, for energy production by combined heat and power (CHP), and for the sale or purchase of electricity on the market.


N-Side Plc.

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Effectif : 50 (2016)


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