OREX is specialised in boring and test drilling techniques used to determine the ideal geotechnical sections in order to establish the parameters necessary for calculating the bearing capacity and settlement of buildings and civil engineering works.

To do this, OREX can rely on in-situ as well as laboratory soil testing. Thanks to these different tests, the engineering and design department and/or the customer can make the most judicious choices regarding the foundations. 

Skills, services and / or products  In its laboratory, OREX is able to perform a host of tests including all the standard tests such as:
  •     Water content; 
  •     Dry process particle size analysis;
  •     Particle size analysis by sedimentation;
  •     Methylene blue value;
  •     Atterberg limit;
  •     Dry, wet and apparent density of a sample;
  •     Soil particle density;
  •     Determination of the soil compaction references of a material – standard and modified     proctor test;
  •     IBI, CBR, CBR after immersion;
  •     Carbonate content;
  •     Organic material content;
  •     Chloride and sulphate content;
  •     pH measurement;
  •     Testing of a soil’s aptitude to lime treatment and/or cementing materials;
  •     Swell tests;
  •     Compressibility tests using an oedometer;
  •     Permeability tests;
  •     Direct shear tests (CD and UU);
  •     Triaxial shear tests (UU, CD, CU+u);
  •     Sand equivalent;
  •     Fragmentability coefficient of rocky materials;
  •     Degradability coefficient of rocky materials;
  •     Los Angeles;
  •     Determination of the uniaxial compressive strength.

As well as these standard tests, we can of course also carry out a multitude of other tests. For any other requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
  The in-situ tests carried out by OREX are diverse and varied:
  •     drilling with disturbed or undisturbed soil sampling;
  •     pressiometric tests;
  •     positioning of inclinometers, settlement meters, piezometers, closed or open;
  •     drill logs;
  •     vane shear tests;
  •     Lefranc tests;
  •     pumping tests;
  •     plate tests;
  •     mechanical or electric CPTs (Cone Penetration Tests);
  •     CPTU (piezocone) tests;
  •     percussion drilling tests;
  •     dynamic SPTs (Standard Penetration Tests)
  •     dynamic penetrometer tests (PANDA).

For any other requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Office de Contrôle des recherches concernant l'art de construire (OREX)

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