Feasibility study for the implantation of wind parks, environmental impact study, single permit and road permit requests, wind turbine worksite security co-ordination, wind turbine technology and maintenance training.

Proposed services can be sorted within 5 branches.

- HVAC Engineering aims to compare and target performant energy concepts (condensing boilers, heat pumps, cogeneration, thermal solar panel, cooling production, ...). Proposed solutions are global: comparison, simulation and concept selection, study, specifications (RfP, RfI), project follow up and management, acceptance and monitoring. The company has a high level expertise in integration of cogeneration plants and heating pumps.

- Automation Engineering (BMS - Building Management Systems) proposes to customers an architecture and regulation concept to optimize the performances and minimize the consumptions. Emphase deploys, put in production and monitor the proposed automation solutions.

- Monitoring, alarming and centralized management systems allow to customer to steer their installations and to survey the critical processes as well as to guaranty the energy performance.

- The whole services are part of the principles of the energy performance management according to ISO 50001. In this scope, Emphase audits the processes on which the company operates, plans required actions, checks and monitors performance with the goal to enhance continuously the performance.

- The academic, pedagogic and professional qualities of the company members allow to propose a large training panel in various domains.

The current main activity domains of Emphase are hotels and hospitals verticals and offices buildings. The company includes also a research and development department in thermal sensor on fiber optic.


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