Innovative nanomaterials membrane substrates

Optimizing the exchange surface with the external environment increases performance.

A surface of ultra thin and dense nanospikes create very particular and sought after properties.

We produce membrane substrates whose characteristics are absolutely unique and unmatched at the nanoscale.

The polyimide film used resists all known organic solvents and at temperatures between -260°C and 400°C.

These membranes are covered with fine nanospikes whose dimensions and densities are surprising and unequaled.

Several billions of these nanospikes per cm² with finer and longer dimensions than the wax crystals of a lotus leaf.

The exchange surface is absolutely considerable for theses membranes of such thicknesses.

One tennis court per m² of product and by stacking, a football pitch in one liter volume.

This surface also displays the particularity of being electrolytic and hierarchical to optimize the coatings.

These membranes should optimize the shaping and the efficiency of numerous functionalizing compounds.

These membranes possess a set of unique characteristics opening their use for innumerable applications.

The permeability can be absent, ionic or fluidic or even electronic after metallization of the pores.

Production will take the form of membrane rolls 50 cm wide and several hundred meters in length.



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