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The Temperate Plant Science Unit studies agricultural systems in temperate climates (sustainable agriculture, organic farming, etc.), crop ecophysiology, plowing and crop residue management.

Historically, part of the research carried out within the Temperate Phytotechnie Unit is mainly concerned with cereal, oilseed and protein crops in temperate regions. For the past fifty years, this research has aimed to help farmers optimize their production methods.

In addition, various other research themes focus on soil fertility via the restitution of organic matter, on the environmental impact of agricultural practices and on the development of research tools, forecasting models and innovative cropping systems.

The Temperate Phytotechnie Unit, in collaboration with its various partners, has a very long experience in advising farmers on questions relating to technical itineraries, mainly for cereal, oilseed and protein crops in temperate regions. To help farmers optimize their production methods, it carries out numerous field trials every year on:

  • implantation techniques;
  • variety choice;
  • integrated protection systems;
  • soil fertilization and fertility;


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