Thermotechnics Unit - ULg

• Conventional and alternative fuels for internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel) and for hot water boilers (natural gas, fuel oil and wood pellets), • Condensation (with high amount of noncondensable gases) in heat exchangers ,

• Measurements of thermophysical variables (temperature, pressure, flow rate, velocity, …)

Extraordinary engineering equipment:

• Test benches for internal combustion engines, 

• domestic and semi-industrial hot water boilers and heat exchangers

Services and training offer:

• Modelling and testing of the energetic and environmental performance of internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel), hot water domestic boilers, heat exchangers

• A finishing work study has been performed by one of my student on the energetic and environmental performance of a hot water domestic boiler fired with wood pellets. 


Université de Liège

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ULG - Energetic and Thermodynamics laboratory Liège

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Philippe Ngendakumana