Tractebel Engie


Tractebel is a global engineering consultancy company with worldwide expertise in energy, water and infrastructure projects.

Tractebel Engineering is an international company, based in Belgium, specialized in consulting and engineering in the energy sectors, nuclear, gas, industry and infrastructure, throughout the life cycle of projects for the Engie group and for national and international institutions, for the customer and public or private sector worldwide.

Tractebel is also a leader in the design and support of the implementation of large commercial and industrial buildings, through its branch Tractebel Engineering Technum.

Beyond the design and support the achievement of thermic, nuclear and renewable energy centrals, Tractebel Engineering is specialized in energy efficiency applied to industry and buildings.

In this area, their own methodology have been developed to enable the customer of Tractebel Engineering to control their energy consumption and the costs associated through action plans in the short, medium and long term.


Engie Tractebel Plc.

Enterprise number : 0412639681
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Boulevard Simon Bolivar 34
1000 Bruxelles


Contact par défaut
Gillian-Alexandre Huart
Téléphone : +32 2 773 71 42
Contact par défaut
Valery Latour
Téléphone : +32 2 773 87 17
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Jean-Paul Mossoux