Materials and Process Engineering Division - UCLouvain (UCL-IMAP)

Green process development and intensification : • biomass drying and gasification and granulation; • experimental studies and model development and validation; • coupled mono- and multi-phase hydrodynamics-reaction simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

(1) conversion of CO2 into methane

(2) conversion of CO2 into synthesis gas and basic chemicals

• Moving bed, fluidized bed and rotating fluidized bed set-ups for biomass drying and granulation; 

• detailed simulation tools, including Computational Fluid Dynamics type.

• Nicolas Staudt, Axel de Broqueville, Waldo Rosales Trujillo, Juray De Wilde, International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, Vol. 9, A43, 32 pages, 2011.

• Philippe Eliaers, Juray De Wilde, accepté pour publication dans Drying Technology, 2012 (in press). 


Université Catholique de Louvain

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Materials and process engineering division(IMAP) - UCL

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