Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Unit - UCLouvain (UCL-TFL)

• Biomass thermochemical conversion : gasification, pyrolysis and combustion; large-scale and small-scale decentralized applications. • Combustion of renewable fuels (liquid or gas; combustion in internal combustion engines, especially the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) mode).

• Ejector/jet-pump technology in order to convert a low temperature heat source (roughly 80°C-120°C) into a cooling power or to optimize the COP of refrigeration cycles. 

• Two 400m2 laboratories equipped for thermodynamics systems study (IC engines, CHP units, boilers, combustors, etc.) 

• Two-stage experimental gasifier of 200kWth.

• Supersonic ejector air conditioning cycle (10kW)

• Different measurements tools including 3D-PIV, LDV, high speed camera, infrared camera, etc.

• 6m high temperature (1100°C) Drop down furnace 

Service proposal :

• Experts in applied thermodynamics

• Great expertise in experimental facilities design

• Energy fluxes metrology

• Cosmoz : Development of direct injection natural gas engine 

• Gazo&Cie : gas combustion in HCCI engines

• Advanced modelling of gas flow and transport phenomena inside a piece of wood that undergoes pyrolysis  

• AgroPellets - Study of the combustion of straw pellets   

• Biomass combustion in industrial pulverized fuel boilers : investigation on slagging and fouling.   


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