Département Mécanique - UMONS


R & D and education in fundamental fluid dynamics, applications dealing with interactions of fluids with structure, machine, human and/or its environment and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) techniques.

Value chain

-Methods of pre-project, design and optimization of aerodynamic blade profile for horizontal or vertical axis wind turbines. Analysis of wind potential for onshore and offshore, Belgium and Walloon region sites.

  • Assessment and cartography of wind potential in the Walloon Region, Belgium, onshore, inshore and offshore sites.
  • Draft methods and aerodynamics design of lift based wind turbines
  • Performance analysis by CFD simulations of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines
  • Geometrical optimization of aerodynamic performances
  • Problem and analysis of fluid-structure interactions
  • Analysis of unsteady effects, wake and rotor/stator interactions
  • Effect of heart boundary layer
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies of single wind turbine solution or combined wind/photovoltaic/thermal production systems for renewable energy

  • Wind generation stochastical modeling: Development of well-suited statistical model for wind generation in the case of reliability studies led on large electrical networks (study of the inter-correlation between wind parks, adequate clustering of wind data,...)
  • Impact on transmission grids: Introduction of wind generation in a software used for investments and reliability evaluation of a given transmission grid (for example, the software Scanner: collaboration with Tractebel Engineering).
  • Development of variable speed wind generator test bench: Development of a micro-wind generator: development of a test bench using a doubly-fed asynchronous generator with use of the Dspace software.


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