Veolia provides innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable growth of cities and companies. Veolia is a world leader in the provision of energy services.

In a context of climate change, fluctuating energy prices, and dwindling resources, Veolia provides our clients with proven expertise in the development, construction, and utilization of greener and more economical energy systems.

Our business activities: 

  • Improving energy efficiency 
  • From decentralized production to energy demand management and optimized distribution, we are involved in each step of the energy chain, with a single objective: improve energy performance. 
Our commitments: build on our experience in the use of heating and cooling networks, optimize energy use in industrial facilities, improve the energy-efficiency of buildings, and develop alternative and renewable energies.  We are present in more than 40 countries and provide our clients with custom-made solutions to reduce their energy use and improve the energy and economic efficiency of their installations. Renewable energy is one of Veolia's top priorities.

Skills, services and / or products

As a leader in energy services, Veolia offer innovative solutions for the sustainable growth of cities and companies. Veolia has 4 innovative solutions, from a Classic maintenance contract to an Optimum contract with guaranteed reductions in energy consumption. Our product range is called Ecosolution. 

  • Ecosolution Classic: Guaranteed comfort and availability 
  • Ecosolution Progress: Guaranteed consumption monitoring 
  • Ecosolution Efficiency: Guaranteed energy-efficiency improvements 
  • Ecosolution Optimum: Guaranteed reductions in consumption


Local and efficient energy production through biomass and cogeneration: 

  • Université de Gand 
  • Bella Vita: heat network in Waterloo


Veolia Plc.

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