Walloon Center For Industrial Biology

Main study areas: • Study and selection of strains (bacteria, yeasts and molds) • Microbial Physiology • Production of micro-organisms and metabolites in fermentors • Metabolic engineering Industrial application fields: • Agri food Industry • Environment • Pharmaceutical Industry

Extraordinary engineering equipment, services, training offer & technology offer:

• Fermentor pilots from 2L-2m3

• Downstream process equipments: sterilizable centrifuge, ultrafiltration appliance, plate filter, filter press, vacuum evaporator

• Conditioning equipment: spheronizor and extruder, mixer, atomizers, lyophilizators, fluidizized bed

• Analytical equipment: HPLC, CPG, YSI, mineralizer and Kjeldahl distiller, microscopes, etc. 

• L2 and LS2 containement Labs

With the strategy "from the cell to the end product", the CWBI brings solutions to the Industy for problems encountered in the development of new products. 

A CWBI team is specialized in assisting SMEs in various applications of microbiology, fermentation and organic products valorization


• routine analyses (microbial counts, waste and water analyses, DCO, DBO, etc.), 

• production of microorganisms at the lab or industrial scale, 

• selection of microorganisms, 

• packaging study for sensitive products

• finalization and valorization of products or manufacturing processes

Isolation of microbial starters allowing an enhancement of biogaz (methane and hydrogen) productivity 


Université de Liège - Communauté française

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ULg - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

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