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WATERLEAU is one of the few global players with a complete portfolio of water, air, waste treatment and green energy applications. It is a one-stop-shop for municipalities and the industry, offering turn-key solutions for today’s environmental challenges.

• WATERLEAU has constructed plants for municipal wastewater treatment and drinking water production in many parts of the world. WATERLEAU also designs and builds Waste-to-Energy plants turning municipal household waste into green energy. • WATERLEAU is a reference in the production of energy from different kinds of waste. It counts more than 400 references in anaerobic wastewater treatment in different industries producing biogas and allowing industries to save on heat and power, but also to recycle their effluent into process water. • WATERLEAU turns different kinds of biomass into new energy: bio crops, manure, kitchen and restaurant waste, and the organic fraction of municipal waste can be used as a valuable energy source. WATERLEAU offers the appropriate Anaerobic Digester for each type of organic waste. • WATERLEAU’s mission is to protect the four elements of nature. It counts more than 1,000 references in 82 countries around the world.
• From wastewater of a bio-factory, over sludge, manure, to the digestion of the organic fraction of municipal household waste, the WATERLEAU range of BIOTIM® and LUCAS® AD reactors are capable of offering proven-concept solutions for each type of organic waste. • In the Food & Beverages industry alone, Waterleau has an enviable track-record of more than 400 references in anaerobic effluent treatment, making use of UASB, UAC or CSTR reactors. • WATERLEAU also operates a plant in Belgium, where making use of two BIOTIM® WET AD reactors, a mixture of 120,000 tons of organic waste of manure and biomass is producing 3.2 MWe annually. In the plant, the digestate is also treated and valuable fertilizers N&K recuperated. • Each type of organic waste requires a tailor made solution. Indeed, too many factors may disrupt the operation process of a standard solution. Based on his proven experience, WATERLEAU can design the best reactor fitting with your requirements.
• WATERLEAU NEW ENERGY, Ieper, Belgium : 120,000 tpy of manure & kitchen waste – 3 MWe• VALMASS, West Vleteren, Belgium: 80,000 tpy of agricultural residues, 1.7 MWe• TEREOS, Artenay, France:  300,000 tpy of sugar beet stillage, 7 MWth


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