Xylergy SA has acquired all technology, name rights and assets of Xylowatt SA. The NOTAR® cutting-edge technology efficiently turns biomass or waste into a clean and cold gas fit for powering a cogeneration engine or for replacing fossil fuels in an industrial furnace.

  • With proven operation of 7000 hours per year, NOTAR® technology is internationally recognized by major industrial partners and clients as producing a tar free gas and has been successfully processing highly contaminated and difficult biomass waste such as creosoted wood, radionuclides contaminated wood and sewage sludge.
  • In 2012, the company has appointed a new management team to leverage these and other partnership into a new commercial and industrial strategy. Xylergy ability to refocus on its core business and to rely on strong local and multinational partners has provided the firm with great commercial leverage. Xylergy provides gasification equipment as well as expertise to bring value and solution to its clients and partners, in Europe or abroad.
  • Basing on over 10 years of experience, our engineers have developed the NOTAR® cutting-edge technology, which optimizes biomass gasification to produce a combustible gas with characteristics suitable for powering a cogeneration engine (combined production of electricity and heat) or for replacing fossil fuels in an industrial furnace.
  • Our patented NOTAR® gasifier has been recognized by major industrial partners to provide a clean (tar free) and cold gas suitable for both cogeneration (production of electricity and heat) and direct industrial applications.
  • Xylergy technology allows users to value highly contaminated waste, providing distinctive environmental advantages relative to incineration. NOTAR®’s relatively small scale installation easily integrates into existing operations, enabling on-site waste valorization.
  • Gasification Expert Services: In order to maintain our leadership and meet the growing demand for new solutions, we are continually launching major research and development programs. In this regard, our technological investment plan enshrines these R&D programs at the heart of our activities. This policy, which we believe is the key to our current and future success, is sustained by our ability to convert the fruit of our research into commercial applications.
  • Our CHP (Combined Heat and Power) references are the municipal pool of Tournai (BE) heated and lit by wood gasification and the wood gasifier of Gedinne (BE), replacing fossil fuel to heat public buildings.
  • A test platform operated jointly with Veolia has also been set up in Pollington (UK).
  • Our industrial application reference is Saint-Gobain Packaging (FR) that recycles the by-products of vineyards to replace natural gas in the manufacturing of Champagne bottles.
  • 2 other CHP plants are currently under construction in Mont-Godinne and Charleroi (BE),



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