A Team

The REWallonia portal is an initiative of the Cluster TWEED (Walloon Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development), which is a Walloon organization that gathers over a hundred companies active in the "sustainable energy" sectors.

Its first mission is to pave the way for the setting up of high quality and indus- trial-size projects in the fields of production and exploitation of sustainable energy, profitable enough to attract appropriate financial means.
“Sustainable energy” covers the following areas:

  • Renewable energy sources ;test
  • The implementation of new processes in order to achieve energy savings, energy efficiency or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, at industrial level and in the tertiary sector ;
  • The development of products pursuing the same goals, for industry, the tertiary sector or individuals («green» services and goods).

For more information, please visit the site dedicated to the Cluster: www.clustertweed.be